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June 2023

Apple’s Vision Pro VR Headset Launch Propels Stock to Record High

Introduction: In a groundbreaking move that has captivated investors and technology enthusiasts alike, Apple recently unveiled its highly anticipated Vision Pro VR headset at the annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC). This significant product launch has not only sparked excitement within the tech industry but has also propelled Apple’s stock price to a record high. Let’s…

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Deepfake Attack Ad: DeSantis Campaign Uses AI-Generated Images of Trump Embracing Fauci

Introduction In a concerning development for the political landscape, the campaign supporting Ron DeSantis as the Republican presidential nominee in 2024 has employed the use of AI-generated deepfake images in an attack ad against rival Donald Trump. The controversial ad, which surfaced on June 5th, aims to emphasize Trump’s association with Anthony Fauci, the former…

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Revolutionizing Communication with AI: Microsoft’s Bing Chat Introduces Voice Commands


In the ever-evolving world of artificial intelligence, Microsoft continues to pioneer groundbreaking innovations. The tech giant has once again made waves by introducing a significant change to its AI-powered Bing Chat. As of today, users can harness the power of voice commands for seamless communication. This new feature aims to revolutionize the way we interact with the chat platform, making it even more user-friendly and accessible.

Embracing Voice-Activated Communication

 Microsoft’s decision to enable voice commands within Bing Chat marks a significant step forward. In a world where convenience and efficiency are paramount, users can now simply click on the microphone icon and verbally express their queries, rather than having to type them out. Recognizing the growing preference for voice input on smartphones, Microsoft aims to take communication to the next level by incorporating this feature directly into Bing Chat.

Expanding Language Support

Initially, the voice command feature will support several languages, including German, Mandarin, English, and French. However, Microsoft has plans to broaden its language support to include a wider range of languages in the future. This commitment to inclusivity ensures that users worldwide can benefit from the convenience and accessibility of voice-activated communication.

Enhanced Conversational Experience

Bing Chat’s voice command functionality not only allows users to ask questions but also supports voice-based replies. Leveraging text-to-speech technology, users can engage in natural and dynamic conversations, responding to queries in their own tones. This innovation enhances the conversational experience within Bing Chat, providing a more immersive and personalized interaction.

Integration with Image Creator and Travel-Related Features

Microsoft has been actively expanding Bing Chat’s capabilities, evident through recent developments. Last March, the integration of AI tools into Bing led to the introduction of the Image Creator feature. The integration continues with Bing Chat, with plans to provide visual enhancements and travel-related information in response to travel-related queries. Users can expect more interactive and visually engaging experiences within Bing Chat as Microsoft continues to refine its AI offerings.

Extended Turn Limits and Enhanced Chat History

To further enhance the usability of Bing Chat, Microsoft has increased the number of turns allowed within a single chat session from 20 to 30. Moreover, the daily limit for chat interactions has significantly risen to 300 turns. Additionally, these expanded limits apply not only to ongoing chats but also to past conversations stored in the chat history. Users can easily resume conversations from where they left off, ensuring a seamless and uninterrupted communication experience.

Embracing Bing Chat: A Growing Love Affair

Since its unveiling earlier this year, Bing Chat has garnered significant attention and appreciation from users. With its continuous stream of exciting new features, including the recently introduced sidebar chats, Microsoft has solidified Bing Chat’s position as a highly versatile and user-friendly platform. The integration of Bing Chat into Windows 11’s search functionality further demonstrates Microsoft’s commitment to expanding its reach and integrating AI capabilities across its ecosystem.

Looking Ahead: Microsoft’s AI Future

As Microsoft continues to innovate and push the boundaries of AI technology, Bing Chat’s voice command feature represents another milestone in the company’s journey. With the introduction of Moment 2 and the sunset of Cortana, Microsoft is shaping a future where AI-driven experiences enhance productivity and connectivity. Users can anticipate even more remarkable developments as Microsoft’s AI ecosystem continues to evolve.


Microsoft’s latest update to Bing Chat, enabling voice commands, showcases the company’s dedication to revolutionizing communication through artificial intelligence. By harnessing the power of voice, users can enjoy a more seamless and natural chat experience within the platform. With expanded language support, enhanced features, and extended turn limits, Bing Chat is set to become a go-to tool for efficient and engaging

To learn more about Microsoft’s recent announcement and the introduction of voice commands in Bing Chat, you can visit the following source: Digital Information World – Microsoft Enables Users to Use its AI-Powered Bing Chat for Voice Commands